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Originally Posted by ben@tirerack View Post
To clarify, that test that GregW posted compares the old Pilot Sport (directional tread) with the P-Zero Nero.

The PS2 is superior overall to the tires in that old test.

To give Pirelli its due, the new P-Zero (not Nero, not Rosso, not System, just plain P Zero) is a monster in terms of grip and handling. I have driven this tire on the track and came away very impressed. Not as quiet as a PS2, and the handling feel of the PS2 is still hard to beat, but the new P-Zero was faster around our track. Note the incredible wet traction in our test results.
Nice, very nice!!! Thanks for posting this. For the record, I already have PS2s but they are not made in 305 for the rear as are the Perelli and was thinking of switching but only if performance is very, very similar. I will NOT if peformance is degraded in any way. Plus, I just looked into it and PZero is not made in 305 for the rear. !!