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M-DCT 1200 Initial Service and After

Scheduled my car with M-DCT for the initial 1200 miles service and I asked the SA what are the things that need to be done? He mentioned all the normal stuff. At first he said the no DCT transmission oil change but later on he said that the system is telling him to do the M-DCT trans oil change. Fortunately, I came in prepared (thanks to this site) and told them not to change the DCT tans oil. The SA had no clue on the service bulletin regarding the M-DCT trans oil issue. He wrote it down on the service order that the customer doesn't want the DCT oil change. I also showed and gave them the copy of the bulletin. Did BMW rush the DCT that somehow their SA's have no clue on how to service this car/option? It has been 3 months from the dated service bulletin but still some dealers haven't heard on this DCT trans oil bulletin. Also one very important question, HOW RELIABLE IS THIS SERVICE BULLETIN that somehow it skips some dealers service department. When BMW mentioned that they have qualified highly trained service engineers (technician for short), how can they miss this simple but very important details.

I also talked to my CA and asked him on how many M-DCT cars were delivered. He told me I was the first one and only two (including mine) were delivered since. I informed him on this bulletin and he was not aware of this issue. Is the M-DCT rare that communications between BMW and service dealers fell through the crack? What will happen now to those M-DCT owners who don't have time to surf the web?

The oil level after the service (after driving on my way home) was 3/4 full. The following day (driving just a few miles and the engine was still cold) it showed 0 (zero) oil level, but no warning for low oil level. The oil level showed 3/4 full after the car was driven longer and the engine temp was normal. The system should not display any message if not all of the operating parameters are not met. My P-car was like that. If I check my oil when the engine was cold it will wait until all the operating parameters were reached before displaying the oil level. Just a very very minor nuisance and I just have to know when is the proper time to do the oil check.

Now I can really see how this car respond pass 5500 RPM without any guilt or cautioned. First time to see the shift light works but the movement from the initial first light up to the last high red light was so quick that I was caught by surprise. I haven't tried the LC yet but I am planning to attend the BMWCCA track course next month in Mid-Ohio.

One thing I noticed was that this M3 was more of a head turner in Europe (done ED last July) than here in the States. It is still a head turner here but way less than people in Europe (Germany and Austria, basing from my observations). Does it mean that people in Europe appreciates the M3 more than people here or perhaps people here just don't care what car you are driving (just as long that it have cup holders). Actually I prefer that less people notice my car, sort of a stealth performance car. Less visible means less vandals from sick people who want to get even with society. Less visible also means police radar friendly (I hope).