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I have the Ferrari 2007 f430 with formula 1 paddleshifts. I also have the 2008 bmw m3
sedan with DCT....and here's what I think :

Due to torque differences, the M3 at 3500 rpm or below is subduded but once you
get to the powerband of around 3800 RPM on it slowly builds and from abut 5500 to 8000 it just whacks it out of the park. I love the M3.

The shift speeds/suspension on the F430 are dependent on the setting of the Mannetino (selector switch on steering wheel). For the most brutal shifts (ie., quicker) u can set it up on race and you can literally feel the violence of the shifts. Even when the mannetino is setup to "slippery road", you can definitely feel the jerks when gears are shifted and all the more so when u are going a little faster. The car has fantastic
torque and the power band seems to go on and on. I also love the f430.

For some strange reason (probably because the m3 is my daily driver) I seem to enjoy
driving the m3 more than I do the f430. believe it or not!!

- aLV