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Arrow M3 Theoretical Top Speed Calculated

Update 2:

Question: why does BMW limit its cars to 155 mph intead of unlimited?

Update 1:

Recalculated using frictional losses derived from a 320i coupe. Total frictional loss, which includes transmission loss, tire resistance, etc., adds to about 30%.

The updated top speed is 183.62 mph.

front wheel rolling losses not included (since power at wheels are found from a dyno, where the front wheels are stationary
Air density at standard sea level used
factors from gear ratio neglected

with a transmission loss of 13.29%, the M3 is capable of reaching a top speed of 196.95 mph.

when power generated by the engine equals the power induced by drag force, the car cannot accelerate anymore and thus reaches top speed.

Let me know if there is anything I can modify to make the calculation more sound.
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