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Got Track!!!!!!
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I cannot compare it to a 430 but I can compare it to my twin turbo 350Z (700rwhp) and the M3 is a joke as far as power / torque is concern. I would compare it to you driving the M3 and jumping into a a mini cooper.... I drove the 6MT and love the car to the point of me ordering one. I just have a thing for cars that can rev high. IMO the power is very controlable and super easy to drive fast. I see where you going with this as far as comparing it to a 430 but there a lot to do with wieght gearing ect... The m3 has a measily 3xx ftlbs or tq compared to my 675lbs or trq, trust me when I say this car is easy to drive, I only wish I would have drove the DCT befroe I left overseas cuz I am going back and forth on that...I guess 6MT you cant go wrong and know what your getting ..