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Originally Posted by ace996 View Post
The above picture's clutch stop is clamped to the clutch lever, there's no groove to hit or miss. The stop is bolted to the lever. There is an adjustable bolt/post that comes out of the stop and its length is adjusted so you can find your proper "stop position". It's just like the E46's solution, except that the stop is afixed(bolted) to the clutch lever instead of on the floorboard.
Ah, I didn't see the pins on the sides. I thought the whole assembly was bolted on the floorpan. Yes, this would work. It is pretty easy to mill a block of aluminium. Can be done in 15-20 minutes once the dimensions are figured out. But it does add weight to the pedal, regardless of how small. Shouldn't be an issue though since the clutch pedal feels so light on the E92 M3 to being with.