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the name says it all...
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Thanks for the fast replies. All of them were useful to me =)

The thing is I was planning to buy a X6 , that was my dream car. But yesterday I had the chance to drive one for the first time. It was a X6 35d . It was good. The handling was very impressive for a SUV. But it wasn't something similar to what I've imagined. I thought that driving a X5 is much more easier because of the shape of the car and visibility.

Anyway, after the X6 test-drive I thought "why not buy a M3 instead? It's almost the same money, and it will be much more fun and thrilling to drive".

Since none of the dealers had a test drive for the new M3, I had to ask you guys how it feels to drive one.

Personally I don't have any racing car experience. The fastest car I've driven was like 200hp so I don't know how it feels to drive a 420hp car.

However as you say that the m3 has a very linear delivery of power, perhaps a 335i will be more brutal in low revs and in city driving?
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