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The best part of owning me E90

I was thinking today...I could have bought a million cars.
I could have gotten one of those facelift model A4's, a new merc c-class or even something else like a cheapy cabrio...

But then I thought...One of the things I like most about my car is this forum! It's weird, I feel like I know people here. No one will ever tell me to shut up and stop speaking about my car! It's just a place where I can get to know everything there is about my car, see what other have/have done/will do! It's a place where I can learn about my car and enjoy my car...Everyone here is so enthusiastic about their cars! It's awesome!

So I would have to say..the best part of owning an E90, besides driving it, is this forum!

Thanks to everyone here who makes it what it is!
I love you guys *sniff*