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RD vs Bellof LED angel lights

As some of you know I had Bellof's on my car for quite some time and I just got some RD lights to do a comparison.

Pictures dont lie so I did the best I could to compare both lights. RD lights is a bit brighter and whiter in color but not by much.

I took pics in daytime with and without headlights on....same thing with night pics. RD lights do fill out the outer ring better but only slightly. I have stock HID's just incase your wondering BTW installation is a breeze compared to the Bellof's. For the price RD wins hands down thats my opinion. Pics show the lights are very bluish in color but it must be the camera because in person it only has a hint of blue.

If you have any questions feel free to ask. Camera used is Nikon D80


My car is LHD so drivers side is RD and passenger is Bellof.