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Originally Posted by Dascamel View Post
Ok, the sensor can be wrong. I was driving up the grapevine yesterday, the car starts asking for a quart of oil. It shows the bar near the bottom, while just before the incline it was near the 1/2 way mark.
In itself no big deal, drive around last night I get NO oil reading after about an hour of trying. Turned the car off and on, parked in a level surface, etc. At some point after that, the reading comes back and it shows 3/4 full on a level surface. I'm so glad I didn't add oil during that process, if so my car would be at the shop gettting drained....

Moral of the story, the SA, techs, dealers are doing the right thing at the moment not fully topping it off. So unless your sure, I'd even give it a day before adding a quart. Yes, electronic sensor is great, don't need to get out of car and all the other crap. But for real service a dipstick would still be nice.
I disagree that they are doing the right thing. Every M3 engine is exactly the same. They should know how much oil it takes. They should know to within 1/4 quart exactly how much oil it takes. It's not like some engines are a little bigger than other engines. This ain't rocket science.