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Originally Posted by Gearhead999s View Post
I dont think I am either.The main reason for the Toyo s was that they support grassroot motorsport big time here in Ontario and was intending on running the regional Solo 1 series,but as things happen I had very little free time with the house move and all.I just might have scored 3 more 9.5's so I think I will probally go the Hoosier R6 route as I can get good pricing through the local stock car dealer.The BF Goodrich's are not available in Canada.
From what my friends have said, as I havent' driven the 888s, is that the grip is not as good as the stickier tires (Hoosiers,Kumho,BFGs) but they last MUCH longer and hold onto the grip until corded. That's what I've heard...FWIW.
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