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Originally Posted by MarvelPhx View Post

Pardon my directness: If you even remotely think the first PROTOTYPE version you wanted and got for FREE after AJ stayed hours after Bimmerfest ended this year to flash it on your car is *anywhere* close to the production version available now... you are sorely mistaken. And your response here is quite opposite of the feedback you gave me after driving even that version. You loved it. Take your personal beef elsewhere.

To everyone else, I do apologize. The E9x M3 software is complete and will be updated on the ESS site with dynos and more soon. There is an ESS-Tuned E92 M3 that just successfully completed the cross-country AKA Rally and ESS is currently programming a pair of E9x M3s right here at M-Fest.

Their personal feedback will be posted with their individual dyno results. If you would like to wait for that feedback, we understand and look forward to their results and thoughts!
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