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Originally Posted by sayemthree View Post
depends on the street tire. you could have 2-3 sec per lap diff between just between street tires. the tests I have seen show more like 2 to 4 sec per 60 sec lap for a R -comp tire.
heck.... the new BFG tire beat the Hoosier by 1 second alone only on a 45 sec course. thats 1.3 sec per 60 sec lap just between R-comp tires alone!
OK..fine...2 to 4 seconds...BFD.

Originally Posted by footie View Post
To say as a rule of thumb that R-compound is 1s or more per 60 seconds is not true
Tell me, you just like to argue? Is that it or you've personal experience with changing from r-comps to street-tires for various tracks? My personal experience has shown that on the tracks (and even autoxes) I've run, the r-compounds allow AT LEAST 2 SECONDS per minute.
I'll remind you that r-comps allow someone to break harder and put the power down on track-out earlier, not just while one is mid-turn.

By end of next spring, I'll have dataloggs on a few tracks between street-tires and r-compounds...and we'll see just what the differences can be.

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