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Originally Posted by footie View Post

Maybe a bit too early but how are the tyres wearing, is it even across the tread?
They are wearing quite a bit more at the outside.The inside on the fronts looks almost untouched by over 2 hours of lapping in comparision to the outside.The rears are worn quite flat but are quite worn from 2nd gear powerslidesI used up 60% of the treaddepth in the 2 hours of lapping.

The Toyo R888's have a much stiffer sidewall than the RA 1 and require quite a bit less presure to be in the the sweet spot.They remind me a lot of the old Bridestone RE71 that we ran in the early 90's with how they are so forgiving and predictible.The R888's are not a good wet weather tire as the side grip is almost non existant.I was much quicker on the stock PS2's in the wet.