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Originally Posted by TurboFan View Post
skip the VR on wide angle lenses (18-55). The rule with good technique is you can hand-hold shutter speeds down to 1/focal length. So, if you are shooting at 18mm, you can hand-hold down to 1/18 sec on the shutter speed, and likely get a good result, if you have good technique. So, that's a pretty slow shutter speed, very little need for VR.

However, for a 200mm focal length, you need to be around 1/200 sec to avoid blur. You will have a hard time with that indoors, early morning / late day light. So, the VR is more useful in the longer ranges.

Downsides? Battery drain, slower focus, heavy, more complex. Image-wise, there's no real downside. VR can be turned off on the Nikon lenses I have.
makes sense, thanks

Originally Posted by TurboFan View Post
btw, I'd take a D60 over the D40x. I wouldn't buy a D40.
why is that?
I read this article and it was convincing... its about D40 vs D60