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Originally Posted by Captain Scott View Post
In my experience with the same type of sensor, having the same type of issue as the OP, they are not bad, just SESITIVE to a lot of factors. the last thing you want to do IMHO is overfill, and it is easy for the dealer to check for you without adding any oil.

I would bet the dealer will come back and tell you it is normal for the sensor, and there is not a problem.

But what do I know Also the OP had just done his 1200 mi service, therefore if the tech new what he was doing, lol, it would have been full one would think.
Also in my experience, with my last 3 cars including this one (P and BM), they are all using oil sensor instead of dipstick. So far I didn't have any problem with it (knock on wood). But there is always the first time. I will just top it up a little bit at a time and check after each step. The first top up will confirm if there is somehthing wrong with it. But as you mention, just let the dealer check and top it up if needed.