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Originally Posted by mjfloyd1 View Post
Please show me where I said that the American medical system was superior. I merely pointed out a couple of cases with deficiencies of the system to our north. No system is perfect. Our system has its good and bad points, just as the Canadian system does. It does seem that the Canadian system will soon be a two tiered system - is that fair in a socialistic system?

How will Obama's FICA taxes affect businesses and how will it affect you since you will have to pay 1/2 of it out of your pocket.

How will the monies raised from the reversal of the Bush tax cuts be used? Will they be used for pork barrel projects? Will they be wasted on burocracy?
How and will they -- remains to be seen.
It was so obvious after 2003 that nothing positive will happen under Bush, but he got re-elected...

The key is to have the options -- it is sad that many cannot afford and do not have health coverage in this country. The health of a being is more important than any wealth, cars we drive or anything else, and we seem to ignore that.
I am not sure I understand where the term "Reversal of Bush tax cuts" comes from. It is clear and it was clearly pointed out that there would be no "reversal" but a "reform".

Although, not from you, I saw the expression "wealth distribution" used by the opposed to Obama. Again, pure manipulation of reality, and pure speculation...