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Originally Posted by Sticky View Post
The S5 can't keep up with an E46 M3 let alone the E92, it is on a whole different planet of fast.

Don't put so much into one persons times.
I don't agree that the S5 wouldn't be quicker than the older E46 M3, at least in stock form. I never did test my own S5 when I had it but I do know it was quicker than most people think.

This guy's times in the early accelerate speeds was awful, I'm guessing he could poor traction. Here are the figures from that complete post. I have written in red what I think was going on.

0-10mph - 1.00s
0-20mph - 1.73s
0-30mph - 2.76s
First gear change and the easiest of all, but here the guy loses a shit lot of time, I can only assume he missed a gear as he said himself.
0-40mph - 4.29s
0-50mph - 5.22s
0-60mph - 6.22s
Second gear change, definitely more difficult than the first but the 10mph + shift was completed in 1.16s instead of 2.53s
0-70mph - 7.38s
0-80mph - 8.65s
0-90mph - 10.03s
Third gear change, the 10mph + shift was completed in 1.76s
0-100mph - 11.79s

There is no doubt I have timed my S5 and it always completed the 60mph run in less than 6 seconds, once dipping to just below 5 seconds. But it would comfortable average a mid 5 seconds if enough were tested and averaged out.

The thing is I remember what Bruce said, that the time is the important thing and not the speed, if true then the M3 is comfortably ahead of the S5, after all it posted the 1/4mile run in 13.245s @ 105.62mph, instead of the S5's 14.06s @ 109.9mph.

But you can clearly see that if these two cars were to be racing side by side and the distance had of been great (say 1/2mile) then the S5 would have pulled ahead and then away.