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Originally Posted by mjfloyd1 View Post
I laugh every time I hear about the "crappy health care" in America - especially since, as an anesthesiologist, I have recently had a Canadian patient come here for cardiac bypass surgery - since he was on a waiting list in Canada. I also have a patient from Canada that got Proton therapy here for a face/ sinus cancer. The patient paid out of pocket for the cardiac bypass surgery. I fully expected it to be a freebee, but was shocked to get payment. I don't think that people have any idea about how much free care we give out and write off, and can't even write it off as bad debt. You just take the good with the bad and go on with your life. It's really nice that you can get sued by someone who doesn't pay their bill, too, but that's another story.

I also cringe when I hear Obama say he'll "reverse George Bush's tax plan" - since EVERYONE'S taxes were decreased under Bush's plan. Great, we'll all be paying more to the federal government, just look what a good job they've done with social security and medicare...

Universal health care run by the federal government... where can I get off of the sinking ship??? I venture to say that the older docs will retire and the younger ones like me will opt for something else. I don't have a problem with regulating health care as long as you regulate all other aspects of day to day life - lawyers, bankers, stock brokers, ...
Ah, must be because you had 2 (rich) Canadians come to you that our healthcare is superior...
What about 43M of our own that could have heart issues??? Or much simpler issues that could wait, but cannot afford? At least they (and other civilized countries) have the choice, we don't. THey can go through the system, or fly down here and pay out of pocket (and I hear that they are working on privatizing portion of their own health system for even more flexibility).
Again and again -- the "wait propaganda" of Canadian health system is something not necessarily uniform -- everywhere. It happens, I know the cases that went in no time.
I waited for the dermatologist appointment in Florida for 8 months for something that could have been dangerous, but it does not mean that someone in NC would have to wait that long...

As for the Bush tax cuts -- for the majority those were joke, just like any increases that could come under the dems. The richest have seen the "real" tax cuts under Bush. I'd much rather give back 3 or 4% tax break from Bush than 80% food price increase and 400% gas increase that he served to us...