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Originally Posted by NoKids View Post
ya it was a pun. i dont like US foreign policy with regards to installing democracies over dictators; i think the US intervenes in order to profit from these moves and doesn't give a crap about democracy or the people. i dont like USA's blind support for Israel. i think US military spending is disgusting. why so much money invested in killing? John McCain will spend on bombs, while Obama will spend on books.

As far as the internal affairs of the USA, i think the people get what they deserve. When the American people will get fed up of their crappy health care or education system they will force the government to do something about it. if nothing changes it's because the American citizen sat on his lazy ass and didnt make a change happen. I think John McCain will keep the status quo and wont change anything for 8 years. I think Barrack will 'attempt' to change things and will have the majority of congress behind him to effectuate those changes. So i think Americans should give Barrack a chance, even though it's a lot of power he will have, to change America and in turn change the world.

That's the choice i think Americans have before them.
I laugh every time I hear about the "crappy health care" in America - especially since, as an anesthesiologist, I have recently had a Canadian patient come here for cardiac bypass surgery - since he was on a waiting list in Canada. I also have a patient from Canada that got Proton therapy here for a face/ sinus cancer. The patient paid out of pocket for the cardiac bypass surgery. I fully expected it to be a freebee, but was shocked to get payment. I don't think that people have any idea about how much free care we give out and write off, and can't even write it off as bad debt. You just take the good with the bad and go on with your life. It's really nice that you can get sued by someone who doesn't pay their bill, too, but that's another story.

I also cringe when I hear Obama say he'll "reverse George Bush's tax plan" - since EVERYONE'S taxes were decreased under Bush's plan. Great, we'll all be paying more to the federal government, just look what a good job they've done with social security and medicare...

Universal health care run by the federal government... where can I get off of the sinking ship??? I venture to say that the older docs will retire and the younger ones like me will opt for something else. I don't have a problem with regulating health care as long as you regulate all other aspects of day to day life - lawyers, bankers, stock brokers, ...

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