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Originally Posted by mistermojorizin View Post
Obama will be better for the economy than McCain, because you need to tax to be able to spend. Repubs think you can spend without taxing. Also, a big drain on the economy is the war. Economists don't believe, like they used to, that wars help the economy. It is killing our economy and McCain wants to perpetuate it.
Also, we have expanded and hired more people during the last eight years than the prior. I would like to chalk that up to the excellent management and leadership skills in the company rather than the current administration.

Seriously, growth in our market is difficult and fortunately we have grown even during the lows in 2001 and 2002. Which were, IMO, a hangover of the unrealistic balloon of the late 1990ís.

From what I recall, the war cost less than 1% of GDP. That is hardly a dint in the economy. You failed to mention that much of the dollars spent are going right back into citizens pockets through defense contracts.