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From what I have read, I see the basis for Obama's fiscal concepts and since this is an automotive forum, the analogy will follow suit.

You plan on purchasing a shiny new BMW. But Obama steps in and tells you that you need to share your wealth so money is taken away even though you have already paid in a healthy 25% of your income. So, the money that was taken away will provide the additional free income to allow someone not working the chance to upgrade to an Accord from a Civic. That person pays no taxes yet benefits off others and chooses not to work while you now drive a Nissan instead of a BMW.

And before people get all worked up, this is meant to be light hearted and I know Obama will not take my BMW away. But I will most likely pay significant additional taxes that could have been put away for retirement so as not to load SS later on. Or to fund my twin daughters’ college education so as to eliminate the need to rely on state scholarships. More importantly, I may need to lay off one to two employees if some of the more outlandish proposals come to fruition. So much for helping the common worker.

On another note, I am beginning to have a deep disgust for the blind love of Obama. This is even stemming from employees, one in particular. An individual claims he will vote for Obama because of the change he promises (sounds very familiar around here). But this stems deeper as to what I witness daily. It should suffice to say that handouts are well and alive and the desire to increase them is motivating some, who have never voted, to head for the polls this year.