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Update...The installer couldn't do it yesterday so I took it to Merchant's (did you know they were open until 9pm each night? Good lord). They were so enamored by my car that they didn't charge me a penny. I stood in the bay and watched him do each wheel (For a Merchant's Tire shop, the guy was extremely careful and even torqued them down to 90lbs). 30 mins and I was out. Not a huge difference but I can tell, nonetheless. Two guys came over and were grilling me about the C63 and how it could easily take my M. I asked him what he drove. He drives an S2000 but has added a supercharger and has 460hp (he says). Asked him if he saw the M3 vs. C63 shootout at the track. Sure, the C63 takes the M in a straight line but I didn't buy this car to drag race.