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Originally Posted by JAJ View Post
Very right, actually.

The reason that putting a bigger bar at the front induces understeer is that it reduces front-end grip. A bigger bar at the rear induces oversteer because it reduces rear-end grip.

Despite the evidence, you want us to believe that bigger bars at both ends doesn't reduce overall grip?

What am I missing?
Putting a bar on just one end of the car reduces grip at that end but increases grip at the other end. That of course ignores the effects on the cars camber curve which is usuallly favorible.

But if you put bars on both ends and just reduce the roll of the car and don't change the front/rear roll stiffness you don't change the ballance of the car at all, and you don't decrease the grip at either end.

If your theory was right, you could just take both sway bars off and have more grip, right?
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