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Custom Exhaust

I wanna get a custom exhaust but this is not really my area of expertise. From what I've learned so far the E92 M3 has the resonator, cats, secondary cats and the muffler? Please correct me if I'm wrong on this.

I'm looking mainly just to do a muffler delete right now and I know that Z4dave deleted his secondary cats and resonator but that really wasn't the sound I'm looking for. I have also saw the vid where vmwerks is revving the M3 without the muffler but I dont see any tips. I'm unsure about what exactly to do about this whole situation, would they need to saw off the stock muffler and put on aftermarket tips or what? And if so, can anyone give me any suggestions on the brand to get?

If you have any ideas about this excluding buying a whole new exhaust system plz feel free to tell me. Anywhere up to 120 decibels is fine with me.

Edit: If I just did a muffler delete with aftermarket tips could it have any negative effects on the car such as a lost in HP?

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