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Originally Posted by GregW / Oregon View Post
I think the main reason 18s are standard, is like on most cars, upsized wheels are profit items, plus they would raise the base price if standard as they cost more to produce. Why did BMW fit the CSL, their higest performing E46 with 19s if 18s worked better?
I would normally agree with this on any other brand but not BMW and especially not with the M-Division, look at all the other performance options they provide, the EDC suspension, it's not necessarily better at handling over the stock setup, it does improve the ride comfort but that is something different. M-DCT, again it makes life easier but it's debatable whether it really improves the performance on the length of a lap.

Almost all of the testing seen on the ring was done with 18", it looks to me that they concentrated on getting the stock setup right and most of the magazine tests conducted were done with 18" alloys, clearly BMW chose the model they wanted to be used and if the 19" was the best setup then surely that would have been the one chosen.

Originally Posted by GregW / Oregon View Post
On some colors I think the 18s look okay. Too bad they don't have a more silver version. The looks part is personal, with no right or wrong--I happen to like the 19s
I agree the colour is a personal thing, me I like the LeMans racer look that the 18" give the M3, I personally find the 19" suit the darker colours but still bring a certain bling to it's overall appearance. More show than go, where as the 18" look more go than show.