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Originally Posted by MysticBlue View Post
Are you talking about actually installing the alarm or just coding it after it has already been installed? Just coding it only takes a few minutes. If a dealer is charging 2-3 hours for coding, time to find a different dealer. If the car is already in for something else anyway, some woudn't charge anything for that.
Install and coding. I do NOT want them to run into an issue with coding, then blame it on my install!

Its a good thing too.....

I dropped the car off for the 1,200 mile service this morning. I gave the service writer my list of things to do....2nd in line was install and code alarm. He called me back and said......we only have time to do your 1,200 mile service. The rest of the stuff will take too much time and we only have your car scheduled for xxx time. So, NO to the alarm, no to the radio problems, no to the windshield trim that was scratched on delivery, no to the trim that was spotted up on delivery, no to the stalling issue, no to the ignored shift commands, etc. Here's what really pisses me off about this....when I called to make the appt., I told the guy 1,200 mile service, and a few other items. Asked if he needed to know what they were..answer was no, we can take care of that when you arrive. I got to thinking...and called back. Are you sure you don't want my list of things I want done when I come in, I think they will require some time to complete? Answer was no, no worries, we will write it up when you arrive. I already PAID for the alarm and it is sitting in the special order bin...guess it will sit there a bit longer now. I am not too happy to have to bring my car in AGAIN. I have too much crap to do to have to deal with this...I am not very happy right now.

Alarm: He said the last alarm install they did went great, but the coding took 6 HOURS to get right. I was like, screw that, lets schedule an appt for next week and you can give me a loaner too, just in case. I cannot afford to be without a ride as I have too many other commitments...if the car aint ready when promised, I am screwed.

So............hearing that they have been having coding issues, I am glad I am letting them install it. Yeah, its just plugging in a few wires, etc., but I will be damned if they are going to blame me if it does not code correctly.
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