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1,200 mile service.....scary!

So I called my dealer yesterday and spoke with a SA....I told him I had an '08 M3 and it was time to bring it in for my 1,200 mile service.

He says, "Oh, your first service isn't due until 15,000 miles". lol

I was like..."mmmm, not with the M".

He puts me on hold and picks up after a minute. He then offers to service the car the next day, saying it will take a couple hours.

I am already worried enough about the DCT fluid change issue. Being as the SA had no idea a 1,200 mile service was required on the M, I have little confidence, and frankly, am a bit worried.

I am taking it in tomorrow and have the bulletin printed out for him to see that they are NOT to change the oil in the DCT.

Also, when I called, I told him I had a few other warranty related items I wanted done and also the install and coding of the alarm. He said, "no problem, we can write that up when you get here". I was like, "Don't you need to alot time for this stuff? Don't you need to know what I want done first?" He said, "No, we can take care of that when you get here".

WTF? MAYBE they may need to order a part or two to get my car done the first time? MAYBE I don't want to have to come back AGAIN to get some piddly crap done to my car? Never even crossed his mind.

I will let you know how it goes tomorrow, but I know for a fact this is the first DCT car they will have serviced. I am pretty worried about all of this. I don't have a lot of confidence in them servicing the DCT in the first place, but the feedback I got from the SA made it even worse. Oh boy....
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