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Ok after running the 19s for almost 1000 miles I've formed an opinion that the original 18s are by far the better all around tire. The only thing that the 19s bring are looks, and a rougher than hell ride. If BMW were smart they would build the 19 rim in an 18 as to where we could use the 40 tires vs the lower profile 35s. I know that I will hear a lot of crap from those that think looks is more important, oh well. The 18s handle better and ride much smoother. Now I've got a bunch of money tied up in the 19s. Removed them from my car today and reinstalled my 18s. The 19s are now at the dealer for sale. First $4800 takes them with the tires, low pressure sensor etc... These tires/rims only have 1300 miles on them. New set will set you back for almost 6k.