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Originally Posted by elcarajo View Post
I'm interested in lowering the front of my e92 a little and the back end a little more (maybe 1" front and 2"" rear). I'd like to get to where the rocker panel is parallel with the ground.

I'm concerned, though about the aerodynamics created by the undertray in the stock configuration. I am presuming (always trouble) that the current configuration creates negative pressure as air moves into the expanding space beneath the chassis, meaning solid downforce at very high speeds. Lowering in any way would reduce the amount of air that goes under the car in the first place, and lowering the rear more than the front will negate the potential effect of the negative pressure below the car.

It shouldn't be an issue on US roads, but this car will go to Germany and may get supercharged, so I don't want to reduce stability at max velocity.

Anyone have any thoughts?
Wouldn't changing the rake also affect overall weight distribution and therefore handling. I'm sure a lot of R&D went into developing the aerodynamics of the car. It's probably not as simple as just dropping it a few inches to reduce the potential for lift.