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Originally Posted by footie View Post
To be perfectly honest the list of possible tests that could be conducted on this one gearbox is endless and to us car geeks it would be totally interesting. The thing I find most interesting and seems to defy logical (if I am reading it right) is that the gearbox, even on the longer 200ms shifts is providing not only power during this period but it's an increased power (i.e. surge) through the length of the shift.

DSG seems to performs like s3 by the sound of it, i.e. ultra quick shifts with the surge which isn't noticeable, why BMW and Porsche are choosing to increase the shift duration to make the surge felt is unknown, I agree that it feels good when you are 'ON IT' and as Swamp has found it does generate a kick of approx >1mph. The next thing needed to be ascertained is whether this longer duration shift with felt surge over the ultra quick shift with the greater surge that isn't felt actually benefits the overall acceleration times over a set discipline (20~120mph). This will be very interesting to see how that one plays out.

This is also what I'm getting from their test. I've also bolded what I'd really like to know. What is going to get you the best performance

Awesome stuff guys, this is the kind of stuff that really impresses me about the M family. Just wanted to give a thanks to you guys for doing something like this and getting some great info.