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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
  • 300Hz does provide enough resolution to get about 10 sample points across the shorter D3 shift. So it is providing shape and duration. For example even along the largest slope sections there are quite a few samples. Those slopes, as far as I can tell are real.
  • If you look at the data on a longer time scale the steadily decreasing acceleration before and after the shifts is clear. Noise is a problem and the accel may (pure speculation) have a slightly transient sensitivity after the large jerk shift events. However you can clearly see this effect on the other trace, despite the similarly short duration covered.
Yes, the drop is much more visible on the second graph. I was wondering what the the signal looked like up to a second before and after.

I saw your earlier comment about 10 data points within the interval. Visually, it seems less, but I guess some of the points line up well with the lines. Regardless, it would be good to have more.