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Originally Posted by Leg View Post
Erm, I'm on track tomorrow and run my Breyton 19s with no spacers on the front and 10mm spacers on the rear. I was going to remove the rear spacers when I switch the OEM 18s back on for the track day but wonder if people thought I should leave them on for any benefit? Minor point but I thought I would ask.
Hey Leg :

I'm not sure your level of track experience (so please be very careful if you are at the novice level) but this would be a great opportunity to feel the difference in changes to your car, if you are pushing the car enough to feel the effects of understeer/oversteer.

Try running your stock 18's without any spacers for a few laps and then try running them in the front for a few laps and see how that feels. Everyone likes their car to perform differently but many like it to be as close to neutral as possible which adding width to the front will help to achieve. Adding 20mm of track to the front (using your 10mm spacers) might be more than it wants but you should feel a difference if you are taking the car far enough with your driving. You don't want to go too wide in the front because you can start making the car oversteer instead. Putting your spacers on the rear as you mention will amplify the existing understeer condition on the car with the stock setup, which can also be a good learning experience. If you are comfortable try all three scenarios if possible and see what you can feel and what you like, and this will give you the best idea what spacers to be running if at all!

EDIT : Make sure that you are using the right length lug bolts if you run the spacers on the front!

I don't know how all this relates to your Breyton 19's because I don't know the offsets on those.

Have fun and be safe out there!