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Thanks Swamp. This is rather interesting preliminary data. I am looking forward to seeing more measurements taken at a higher sampling rate (300 Hz on the first graph seems to be just the bare minimum for capturing anything meaningful), and a comparison of the same shift, say 2->3, in D and S modes under WOT so that we can isolate any effects of your throttle input during the shift, which might not be constant (I assume that's why we are not seeing a significant drop in acceleration after the 2->3 shift, which should happen due to the change in gearing, or is it just the scale of the y-axis combined with the noise that makes it difficult to observe this?). I realize that is not easy to do on public roads though. Is there any reason why you are not using the 1kHz sampling rate? I believe the accelerometer will do that, right? And, yes mounting the accelerometer rigidly should decrease noise significantly.