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Satakal - I was being brief. I have raced on public roadways, but never with people/traffic around. I can only think of twice I ever raced in the US, and both were on open roads. Consider that the nearest city is 2.5 hours away. No races I have been in were official or formal, and all were in good spirits, so had anything impeded, I'm sure we would have dropped the matter. I once dropped out of a race outside of Passau because I didn't feel safe at the speeds we were moving at.

I think the generalized descriptors of street racers tend to presume A) city driving, B) youth, C) ego over practicality. I avoid cities like the plague, so A is out. I'm 38, so B is moot, and I'd like to think I had C down as well. When I speed I do not do so in a dangerous manner, and when I race there are no cars around other than my compatriot/s.

Also for the sake of brevity, I stated that there are no racetracks in my state. There are in fact two small circle tracks (one dirt and one paved) and a drag strip.

My point in the previous post is that I accept responsibility for my actions because I address them rationally. I'm no more likely to race (or speed) when there are gross risks about than I am to race for pinks. I don't like the potential consequences.