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Originally Posted by Neurorad View Post
The internet is a waste of time. Too much useless shit to wade through.

A good boss has his people do the legwork.

The president doesn't read newspapers, per se, either. People cut and paste articles for him, every single day.

He doesn't need to know how to drive, fly a plane, use a microwave, or turn on a computer.

He needs to know how to choose good underlings (and speech writers), and make informed decisions. He should be charismatic, a good leader, and be able to communicate clearly.

He might enjoy surfiing the interwebz, but it would be only for pleasure.
Suuuuure, he doesn't need to know the history of the middle east or where Iraq is, in order to attack it.

Keeping up with current events and technology results in better decision making, all other things being equal.
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