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Originally Posted by T Bone View Post
...Explain the M5board videos please. I would love to hear your explanations.
I don't have any explanations, since I haven't watched them. I assume they are of runs showing M3s beating 335s, or other M3s beating RS4s, or whatever other drum you may be beating. Doesn't matter, since in those videos you don't know about the drivers or the cars, so you're in an uncontrolled environment. I personally would never use such crap in support of a position, and consider anyone who views this stuff with utter faith to be a few watts short of full brightness.

Feel free to continue your own faith, though.

Originally Posted by T Bone View Post
My reading disability is clearly surpassed by your social ineptitude.
I'll take the social ineptitude criticism since it comes in the same sentence where you admit to a reading disability.

OK, that explains a bunch, and I guess we're done.