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Originally Posted by T Bone View Post
No, it doesn't at high speeds. Repeating it won't make it so.

Yes I have seen the "evidence". We all know dyno runs not reliable and in fact can be manipulated and we only see the best runs.

This is why I proffered the video of a 333 hp E46 M3 vs a stock 300 hp 335i, many variables are removed and it is real world. A 300 hp car is behaving as it should.
TB, you can't include video evidence as proof and then disregard other evidence just because you happen to disagree with it. The M6 vs RS4, 997 vs RS4, M5 vs RS6, etc, etc., I have been asked to provide evidence that Quattro isn't the power hunger animal you say it is and yet you either ignore it or dismiss it. You can't have your cake and eat.

Like I said I never once disagreed with the fact that in the long run the M3 would get the upper hand but I will always dismiss M5Board's video when the evidence goes against logic and in most of them that is what we see.

Originally Posted by T Bone View Post
Against the 300 hp A6, the 300 hp is significantly faster across the board and if it is not the motor, what else is there?.
Check out the weight differences between an A6 4.2 and the 335i, then example the power and torque curve of each, that Audi wouldn't rev any higher than the 335i so there is no gearing advantage but the 335i will have torque everything in the rev range. The combination of weight and power/torque range of the 335i is the reason for it being quicker, it has nothing to do with the transmission what so ever.


I wanted to post these last two videos because their respective power and torque figures are identical. The Audi Allroad (1840kgs) is awd and the slightly lighter 530d (1735kgs) is rwd. Which is quickest to the 200km/h mark.

I took the weight of the heaviest 530d, the touring, if it happened to be a saloon the weight would have been 1655kgs, that's a full 185kgs lighter.

My point is Quattro doesn't affect the performance the way you think it does and your hatred for the brand is clouding your judgement.