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I'm still unsure where I stand on this. On public roadways it's a huge NO.

I never raced, but always went to the street races on back streets every Friday and Saturday throughout high school. There was never any traffic other than the coming and going of spectators. And it was sort of an unwritten rule that once you arrived at the strip you stay until the cops break it up to reduce the chance of accidents. If you parked on one of the side streets where racing did not take place, then you could come and go as you pleased.

It was mostly muscle cars, or jap cars like Supras and RX-7's. Even true drag set ups on Methanol. For at least 3 years that I went, there was never any bad blood. No fights, arguments or anything else. It wasn't until the hispanic gang members came that things got bad. They began starting fights, arguing, and I saw guns pulled several times. Eventually someone was shot (this was when I moved to college and only went on occassion). They ruined what were good times.

Then the cops started really cracking down, and the racing in all the hots spots around town was shut down. I know there are some spots out there still, but I don't have an interest anymore and I have no clue where they are.

And I will say my parents knew I was going to the races. My mom was always sort of worried, but my dad knew I never raced and parked in the spots behind the starting line. Plus, my dad always went to the street races with friends as a kid. One of his buddies dads owned a car dealership and had a new Vette every 6 months.