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Engine techs chime in......

Hi Guys hoping someone can shed some light on this for me!

The car has recently developed an intermitent miss audiable through the exhaust note whilst idling yet not under load. The miss sounds like a dull thud/pop and only happens every now and then.

Checked things through using the diagnostics at my local independent and the miss seems to sparadically affect cylinders 2 through 5 which record 2 to 3 misses over a period of say 5 minuted yet one and six are running perfectly?

So we changed out the coil packs, intially one by one, then all six and it's still recording the miss????? We then checked the plugs which seemed fine and to air on the side of caution we all of them and the problem still persists.

The ECU reports no other issues or faults so we're at total loss givern the limited time we ghad to investigate this! I don't think it could be the injector cycling although cylinder two was was showing 1.35 over the normal 1.3 from the others.......

Hope theres a simple explanation to this otherwise it could take a age and no doubt big bucks to pin piont the problem.

Look forward to hearing from you