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hey ken! we met last week at the e9x meet. i posted this on the thread about the bbq pictures: it's an event this weekend called M-Car Day. there's supposed to be over 100 M cars. here is the email update i received from the organizer:

anyone interested in attending?



Greetings all,

Thanks to those that have RSVP'd so far, we've got a great array of M-Cars coming next Sunday, August 24.

If you have not yet RSVP'd, please remember to do so at your earliest convenience. Griot's Garage is providing lunch for us, and I need to give them a head count for lunch this Wednesday.

Right now E46 M3 is leading E36 M3s by one car. E30 M3 is third right now in the M3 count, I'll need to work on getting my E30 M3 homies out.

In the overall lead is the E36/7 M Coupe/Roadster group. That will be a fun group to see on Sunday. Also with a strong showing is the E39 M5 group. The only group with a bagel is the M1, hope we can get just one M1 to come out of the woodwork!

Here's a link to the promo for M-Car day:

See you there!


Lance Richert
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