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Originally Posted by bruce.augenstein@comcast. View Post
You're kidding, right? There are probably a couple of dozen strings out there on the net in English (and presumably many more than that in other languages) showing that anybody who straps a 335 to a chassis dyno and gets less than about 275 HP on a stick 335 (and about 265 HP in an automatic) immediately goes running to the dealer, demanding to know what's wrong. The other clue is the trap speed. The cars are going a minimum of 104 mph in the quarter mile, with most seeming to cluster in the 105 - 106 range, at least when density altitudes are at 1000 feet or below. We're talking 330 -340 HP here, assuming 3700 pounds with driver.

Where have you been?

This helps explain your anti-Audi bias. Mine was a better experience.

First of all see this thread:

I am trying to turn over a new leaf. Since we are now on 335s and have dispensed with the Audi conversation.....

There is a popular rumor on the internet that 335s and GTRs are underrated. There is also a wide variance between the E/T and Trapsepeed methods. We have no way to prove anything unless we had an engine dyno.

Another observation that you can stew about....a stock E46 M3 is faster than a stock 335i at sea level.

Enjoy 333 vs. 300 hp

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