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As I thought, you side step the question and evidence I have provided with a statement like I am as dumb as a

Your dislike for Quattro and Audi has clouded your judgement to the point that pure logic bears no meaning. What I showed in those video comparisons between a street race and the M5Board race is how rigged the thing is, and the very fact that they charge decent money for those video is unacceptable.

As swamp said the data he helped compile show that the RS4 is as quick.


I have seen lots of data on the RS4 and to be perfectly honest with you the data here is a fair reflection of the average, yes the M3 is marginally quicker but this is to do with it's weight advantage and nothing to do with how much power the transmission is eating up. TB is a FANBOY plain and simple who prefers to put his fingers in his ears and sing to himself when the words Quattro and Audi are mention.


I never want to turn this into a quattro vs rwd debate but as always TB starts the thing and I like to put him right even if he doesn't want to listen.