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Originally Posted by Irb Digital View Post
I gotcha, Heat dissipation is like saying energy dissipation dissipation. Temperature dissipation is the correct wording. Here's 2 questions that I was pondering today, its been a long time since Physics so I'm sure some of the engineers can help me.

1. Since gravity has a significant impact on V (uphill and downhill) and changes the amount of work needed from the brakes, a down hill braking section would require more work from the brakes, correct?
2. if you were to remove 200lbs from the interior of the car, and add 50 lbs to each rotor, how would this effect brake performance?
heat is thermal energy...and it can perform work...

temperature is a measure of heat energy...
the correct term(s) are heat or thermal energy dissipation...

1 not really...for a given speed it would be ~ the same...
but braking would take longer for the same pedal force because the tire is not perpendicular to the road...friction would have a bit more to get rid of due to the elevation change (potential energy) Ep ~ m g delta h

2 not much...the cars mass would remain the same
distance would ~ the same...
although heat dissipation would improve due to larger thermal mass