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Originally Posted by T Bone View Post
Ha! I traded my 2001 A6 4.2 Quattro for the 335xi. From my butt dyno, clearly not all 300 hp cars are equal and not all AWD systems are equal.
I would say that's clearly true. You describe torque splits which I'm sure are different from Audi - but of course that's not the point I'm asking you about. It's also true not all 300 HP cars are equal. As a for instance, I'm sure you're aware of the true 335 power - something around 10% above spec as typically measured on chassis dynos. So let's just ignore that part of your comment, shall we? It's a little subterfuge on your part in order to "prove" how the Audi awd is a power sucker compared to the xi.

Originally Posted by T Bone View Post
BTW, a A6 4.2 on paper is very similar to a 335xi. Both have 300 hp and about 300 ft pounds of torque. The A6 weighs 3638 pounds and the 335xi weighs over 3700 pounds.... But the 335xi is in the 13s and traps over 100 mph....this couldn't be clearer data that something is intercepting the power between the flywheels and the wheels.
I'm a little taken aback. You and I know the A6 4.2 is a pig off the line with its tall gearing, while your more aggressively geared xi can launch like a ball bearing out of a slingshot with either boost building against the converter or big revs and sudden clutch. Either way, you're making big power right away while the Audi struggles against those 2.73s. Then there's the aforementioned underrating of the 335, based on average chassis dyno numbers. Finally, our A6 4.2s weighed 4120 pounds with a half tank of fuel (at least mine did, on certified scales), and the current model is listed at 4222, full of gas.

I don't know what you're trying to do here, but once again, do you have anything that actually demonstrates your assertion?


I personally don't actually give a damn about "defending" Audi, but Jesus, guy, if you're just spouting off because you don't like Audi, say so, and we'll call it a day and move on.