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Originally Posted by Dascamel View Post
e=mv^2 was just being used illustrate the amount of energy that needs to be dissapated under the two different braking situations. Made perfect sense and it does have value.
No one was trying to disprove this equation. I might be wrong but I'm assuming it was brought up in reference to the C&D article. This equation does nothing to show how different systems dissipate heat. Or how more airflow on a track help with heat dissipation. Or how in this test there were no elevation changes like you would see on a track. Or how there was no lateral weight transfer and contrary to popular belief, not all braking is done in a straight line. affecting brake pressures on each individual brake if you had an EBD system. The point was there's more variables effecting brake performance between the controlled environment of the C&D test and an uncontrolled environment like the track than just how much work is done. Just looking at e=1/2mv^2 doesn't do much to answer many of the questions discussed in this thread.