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Originally Posted by Hans Delbruck View Post
Whew do I totally agree.

Sometimes I wonder if the M3 comes with a scientific calculator and a book on physics, so buyers can have all the ammo they want to justify their purchase.

Carbon fiber leather pocket protector optional.

In no way is this a slight against my (obviously very) intelligent friends who have M3's. Just a comment on the thread, which to me is like reading a math book. I can't pay attention. What do all the calculations have to do with driving a car and getting the maximum enjoyment out of it?

I guess I am just a limbic-brain caveman in a C63. Going fast, making lots of noise, and grinning from ear to ear.
To me a balanced view is best. Take into account theory and science and find a way to see real world results as consistent with the science Anyway this is the goal of much of science - to make novel predictions.

Secondly much of the discussion of technology and other such technically oriented threads is as much about automotive engineering as it is about who is the biggest tough guy with the fastest car. Some folks enjoy both aspects.

Lastly when you understand some automotive systems in some level of detail for some folks it truly enhances the actual driving experience. The late Richard Feynman a brilliant Nobel Prize winning physicist told a story about how one fellow could name many birds as they walked around outdoors enjoying nature. Richard couldn't really care less. To him understanding some novel behaviors of the birds and knowing why they did so was much more satisfying. Much of this simply depends on ones background.

Oh and last but not least... don't read what bores you