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Originally Posted by TLud View Post
How easy is it to switch pads in and out on race day in the M3? I'd like to be able to switch to high performance pads on race day and switch back for every day driving, so I can avoid the squeaks and maximize cold braking on the street.
As I've yet to receive my M3 yet, I can't comment on the car in specifics;however, if it's like all the other sliding caliper designs, it's not too bad...but I wouldn't do it at the track, at least not me.
My friend has a lift and I change pads the day or two before to bed them in and make sure the stock compound deposits are off before going to the track.

Yeah, the race-compound pads are loud and squeal like bloody murder, but that's what makes me switch them back when I return...or else I'd just leave them in all the time.

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