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Originally Posted by ace996 View Post
Fluid, pads, lines, that order,IMHO. Yes, there are plenty of people who will come forth with the above realization in time...that's why you don't see any real race teams with the stock calipers.
For the street, the stock brakes are fine...and they are under maintenance/warrantee...which is cool, but for the track we will require some changes.

I plan on doing the lines/fluid/pads ASAP and then trying to fabricate someproper spindle ducts. If all that fails, then I'll need to go to better calipers.

Be good,
Thanks, Tom. I plan to track my car occasionally and want to have complete confidence in my brakes, so I planned on doing at least the SS lines and better brake fluid. How easy is it to switch pads in and out on race day in the M3? I'd like to be able to switch to high performance pads on race day and switch back for every day driving, so I can avoid the squeaks and maximize cold braking on the street.