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Originally Posted by M3Rad View Post
My experience with the Lotus Elise has been short (students or friends drives), but the A048 are not even close to MPSC performance, let alone V710 and A6. You should see more than 0.5 secs difference between A048 and A6 with the Lotus, this is assuming you're driving at 10th/10th (limits of grip on the intended line).
I love how members new to the forum immediatly question my driving if I don't agree with their posts.

The 048M work pretty well new, but they heat cycle out very quickly. For autocross they are better than the MPSC on light cars. They also work at lower temps. Again, autocross specific. On a track I would take the MPSC.

Basically I think you are over-estimating the A6. Its a great tire, but not a 4s tire. Also I think the PS2 is a bit better than you are giving it credit for.
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